The Benefits of Walking 10K Steps a Day

You’ll probably hear a lot of people tell you that you need to walk several thousand steps a day. Indeed, most exercise apps and smartwatches give a benchmark of between 10 and 15 thousand steps as the point where you’ve done enough steps for the day. And that’s all well and good. Exercise is great. […]

The 10 Most Common Health Issues for Females

Men and women, as anyone will know, live with a range of issues specific to either being a man or a woman. Whether its to do with genito-urinary health, hormone imbalances or fat placement, here are 10 of the most common health issues that specifically affect women. 1 – Heart-disease. This is a universal problem […]

Post-Workout: How to Speed Up Your Muscle Recovery

We’ve all had one of those workouts where we’ve worked the major muscle groups, ‘felt the burn’’ and then got home afterwards, only for the delayed muscle fatigue to kick in. We’re then unable to get back to our workout for hours or even days as we’re sat incapacitated through pain and stiffness. Whilst muscle […]

Post-Injury: How to Start Again After a Long Break

Generally, if we suffer some sort of exercise or training related injury, it goes one of two ways. Either it rocks our confidence and we never really get it back, opting instead to head back to the gym and actively avoid anything resembling the scenario when we sustained the injury. Alternatively, we resolve to get […]

5 Ways to Reduce Bloating

Bloating is a major inconvenience; if it’s not permanent (itself a real happiness killer) then it can come on, present itself at the most inconvenient time and give no indication of how long it’ll stay for. It’s horrible for any female’s confidence, and means we feel uncomfortable, unable to fit into certain clothes, and without […]

Lifting Heavy for Women: How to Avoid an Injury

Most women are aware that, when they lift weights, the situation is vastly different from when men do the same. For a variety of reasons; different body size and stature, bone strength, and internal biology, there are some things that men need to watch out for when they do heavy lifting, and similarly, women must […]

Injuries: Most Common Injuries for Women

With training comes a unique set of pitfalls depending on what the routine is. Weightlifting, running, aerobics and even yoga all come with injuries that can be sustained if you’re not doing it properly or are doing too much. To compound the problem, women, being built differently to men, need to be aware of the […]

5 Reasons Why Women Should Support Women

We all hear a lot about women supporting women. It is an important part of the long road to equality, peace and cohesion between all people, but the truth of the matter is that many women don’t really appreciate just how important it is for them to appreciate, support and spur each other on. This […]

How Female Fitness and Workouts Differ from Men’s

For anyone looking in from the outside, it may seem like ‘a workout is a workout’. We go to the gym, warm up, do some reps and then go home. But the routine hides quite a few differences in the way that men and women train. There are certain exercises that are geared more towards […]

How Many Days Women Should Work Out Per Week

There is much conjecture about how many days a week a female should look to work out. There are those that think a five to six day a week intense workout regime is the only way to see meaningful, lasting results, whilst others will argue that a few days a week is fine. Alternatively, another […]